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About Us

MYJ Beauty was founded by Jameson Juwily in 2011. Born in Sabah, Malaysia, when he was young he was interested in watching beauty pageants on the television, which led to a fascination with beauty and glamour.

It was not long before he revisited his childhood curiosity for beauty and make up and he began working part time giving women makeovers at some of London’s most prominent department stores, John Lewis, Selfridges and Liberty.

Jameson was passionate about helping women create a new look, choosing their colors, and assisting them with their makeup selections. During this time, he developed in depth knowledge of the cosmetics industry. It wasn’t long until his passion became an obsession. Jameson went on to attend the London College of Fashion to get a better understanding of fashion and beauty techniques. He then proceeded to go to the University of Greenwich to study BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communications. Jameson then decided to fulfill his dream of creating his own cosmetic brand MYJ Beauty. He relentlessly researched how to create high end mineral makeup products at a competitive price which began in 2011.

“Fashion and the beauty industry are always linked together”. MYJ Beauty Founder, Jameson Juwily

Both celebrities and dermatologists have become mineral based makeup evangelists. This trend in cosmetics also has many health benefits. The natural minerals, oxides and pigments are rich with moisture leaving your lips hydrated without any chemicals or additives. The ethical production and natural ingredients offer a holistic alternative to provide a luxury look. None of MYJ products are tested on animals.

The philosophy behind MYJ Beauty is to cater to the modern world by using colours for all cultures around the world to give a chic, modern look. MYJ Beauty recently launched the introductory collection of mineral based lipsticks and lip glosses in exciting and vibrant colours, ideal for today’s women who always want to look their best. The collections are inspired by famous streets and bridges in London.

“Women do not have to pay a lot of money to look good and have a high quality product”. MYJ Beauty Founder, Jameson Juwily